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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dioscorea alata or Ubi badak/ubi besar

Dioscorea alata plant

Let’s write something regarding Dioscorea alata. Hurm..since a few months ago I was done this research. It is all about Dioscorea alata. In area of Terengganu and Kelantan, this type of starchy tuber is called ubi badak or ubi besar. However there are some other name such as Payang nasi, payang jawa, and also ubi paha kerbau. For me, all those names are related to the size of the tuber itself. According to farmers,  the weight of tuber can be reach as 16 kg per tuber
During collection

During collection, we have found the largest tuber is weighing about 9.2 kg. It was found in Besut where we bought it at the road stall.

looks alike teddy bear aite?keh3..mcm teddy bear comot..huk3..p berat ni..penat saya angkut taw
 Then I leave the tubers for about one month in the store room. After that I transfer the tubers into the polybag which is have soil:sand:organic matter. 

young seedling of Dioscorea alata/ubi badak
Cutting tuber for a few part n ready for planting in the poly bag
Its time to transfer the seedlings to the soil bed for free growth
Tractor used for soil bed preparation n also to carry the seedlings in the poly bag to the field
the seedlings which were ready on the soil bed :) yeay~

Next I will write regarding my lab work which is covered morphology and anatomical studies..yippi~yippi~yippi~

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